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OS/2, also known as Warp, is a 32-bit operating system developed by IBM.

OS/2 provides:

Although no longer considered to be a mainstream operating system, several of OS/2's capabilities continue to be at the cutting edge of computing:


WARP 4 includes built-in support for JAVA. For examples of JAVA programming, go to the Gamelan site.

IBM offers various JAVA courses.

IBM maintains a JAVA developer site.


OS/2 has included a web browser since version 3, and new browsers continue to be developed. Find out more below about accessing the Internet with OS/2.


OS/2 ships with this native web browser built right in. While WebEx is now quite dated, it is one of the fastest browers and remains quite useful for text based websites. WebEx was very advanced for its time, it supports tables, but does not support JavaScript, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), or Frames.

Netscape Navigator

Native OS/2 versions of Netscape 2.x and 4.x were released. Netscape 4.61 for OS/2 continues to be quite useful, however, some users of some releases of 4.61 reported memory leaks and various stability problems and, like all 4.x versions of Netscape, CSS support was immature.

Other OS/2 Browsers

Firefox and Warpzilla: The Mozila open source group offers an OS/2 version code named Warpzilla. Warpzilla is very modern, standards compliant, and very usable. Major bugs are addressed in a day or two and milestone builds are released regularly. Warpzilla grows stronger every day.

Opera: Opera Software offers an OS/2 version of their popular multi-platform browser. Opera is modern, standards compliant, small, and fast. The current OS/2 version 5.12 is a few releases behind the other platforms.

Internet Adventurer: Adventure Software publishes a suite of Internet applications, including a web browser, all written for OS/2. The current readme.txt file is dated April 1998 and there is no mention of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

HotJava Browser: Sun has developed a Java browser which some members are running under Warp. Download this browser at the HotJava site. This EOL (End of Life) program is no longer maintained by Sun.


There is an OS/2 version of Adobe Acrobat which can be configured as a helper application with Netscape Navigator. Download it at Adobe Acrobat Free Reader.


Innotek has assembled a great collection of web helpers:


WARP 4 includes in its basic package a voice type dictation facility that not only allows a user to navigate an OS/2 system using voice commands, but also allows dictation of text into documents--truly hands-free computing!

For more information on OS/2, visit: IBM's OS/2 Warp 4 site.

For help in optimizing your system, visit: Peter Moylan's Warp 4 tuning tips site.


Visit the Notebook/2 site, the only site which helps notebook users run OS/2 on their machines.

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