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How Others Are Using OS/2


--  OS/2 USER GROUPS  -- 
Atlanta OS/2 User Group

Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, OS/2 Users Group

Phoenix OS/2 Society, Inc.

Southern California OS/2 UG

Norloff's OS/2 Shareware BBS & Web
A very full listing of OS/2 user groups web sites.

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--  OS/2 ADVOCACY  --   [ top ]  

There are various ways that an OS/2 user can work with others to help promote the use and development of OS/2:

Software development projects:

Project ODIN
Project ODIN is a voluntary effort to develop a collection of tools and DLL's that allow an end-user to convert a Win32 (i.e. Win95/WinNT) program into a native OS/2 program, and then run that program under OS/2 without needing Windows or Win-OS/2 support installed.

The OS/2 Netlabs
The goal of OS/2 Netlabs is to help develop new applications for OS/2. This project is an opportunity for programmers to exchange ideas and code in order to obtain the assistance of others in the development of OS/2 freeware.

Advocacy groups:

VOICE, Virtual OS/2 International Consumer Education
a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of OS/2. VOICE has a regular schedule of on-line meetings via Internet Relay Chat.

the sixth annual meeting of OS/2 users and developers concentrating on the small office/home office market, took place here in Philadelphia on September 9-10, 2000.

Warpstock 2006 will be held October 12-15 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The Warpstock site has details on this event and is regularly updated as new information becomes available.

Java Lobby
an advocacy group for the development of 100% platform-independent Java.

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--  IBM SITES  --   [ top ]  
IBM home page

IBM Support Line e-Services site

Lotus Development Corp.

Samuel J. Palmisano's home page

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--  OTHER INTERESTING LINKS  --   [ top ]  
OS2 World
An extensive, actively maintained OS/2 site.

The OS/2 Files
An interesing mix of tips & tricks, practical information, and commentary on useful OS/2 programs and ports. There is a particularly interesting discussion about XFree86 for OS/2.

Judy's Warped World
A wide variety of OS/2 material is available at this site.

OpenHere--OS/2 Page
A listing of OS/2-related web sites.

The Wizard of OS/2
An OS/2 resource site.

University of Guelph: Computer Science Club OS/2 Section
One of those little gems you can stumble on late at night.

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